Waves of Redemption: What to do when you fail God?

Waves of Redemption: What to do when you fail God?


What to do When You Fail God? A 5-day devotional on the Life of Peter.

Each day is composed of a Bible verse, a reflection or discussion, and a prayer. At the end is a set of verses to speak of truth for you to not give up.


In every Christian’s life, failure is evident. That’s one of the main reasons why the Bible is made for us in the first place. If we’re perfect to worship God, we wouldn’t even need it, or we wouldn’t even need God at all. The reality is failing God is part of our earthly life. At some point in your faith journey, you might’ve experienced at least one of these: you’ve denied the Lord, you’ve disobeyed His command, you made excuses for your actions, you lied or gossip. Sure, we’ve all broken the Lord’s heart at least once.

You’re not alone. Even the prominent characters in the Bible like Abraham, David, and the Apostle Paul had their failures before God. However, their stories didn’t end in failures nor in their mistakes. And more than that, they were not left alone and forsaken. The Lord redeemed each of them again and again. He helped them get back on their feet to run the race.

In our failures, God is always ready to hold our hand and bring us to stand. Ultimately, our lifetime is a sequence of failures and God redeeming us from them.

In this devotional, we’re going to journey with one of the big names in the New Testament—Peter. He has been a man with bold obedience, surrender, and great faith, in his early ministry with Jesus. However, his life had many stumbles too, yet followed with waves of redemption. In the next few days, we’re going to look at his and God’s responses to his failures and see the Lord’s redemptive power over a man with a fully surrendered heart.

Soooo, are you ready? Let’s start!