Be Still: Letters of Grace

Be Still

Letters of Grace

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Hi everyone! I’ve written a series called Be Still. It consists of letter of faith, hope, and love. These are letters that I’ve written since I started my blogging journey on Facebook.

Hey there stranger…

As a Christian and a follower of Christ, I want to encourage co believers like me like me in the times where emotions are being stirred and faith is being tested.

In this world that has a lot of standards to follow and fit in, may this letters give you room for vulnerability and honesty with who you really are, and who you’re meant to be.

May these letters give you the courage to not run away from your identity to chase this world’s expectations from you. May you be courageous to live out the best in you.

Your thoughts, heart, talents, passion, may you see them, and see yourself blessed to become a bearer of hope and light in this world.

These letters are originally written for myself, but I realize that while each of us may be a unique being (yes, you are unique and original!) the situations and experiences that we are facing, and are going to face, aren’t unique to you and me alone.

These are something I can share and give out to the world because I know that there are many of you out there are like me, experiencing whatever this world offers, but still holding on to the goodness and loving kindness of the Lord.

May you find these letters personal and helpful, even from a mere stranger as I am.